Leunig (& RS Thomas) on ANZUS

… or we might also recall those insightful words of RS Thomas‘: ‘We talked peace, and brought our arms up to date’.

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  1. Common Sense by Michael Leunig

    Cross my heart, I remember
    When common sense was delivered to the door
    Each morning by horse and cart,
    Equally to the rich and poor.

    What a bold start it was
    To find it sitting there on the porch,
    All yours, fresh as a daisy
    And as good as gold.

    Completely undebated was common sense;
    Unprocessed, you might say,
    Full of organisms and rough seeds.
    It’s what the body needs.
    You could feel it do you good.

    How could
    Such a useful thing,
    So plentiful back then
    Yet so revered,
    Become so lost and rare
    And so weird?

    You have to go through so much these days,
    Crawl across a field of broken bottles,
    Half a life of suffering and sin,
    Be done over and done in
    Before you find it once again.

    Perhaps one morning
    On the porch
    And in the sun of early spring,
    Lo and behold,
    On the step, thank Christ,
    A little common sense is there again.


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