Michael Leunig

On ordinary (and extraordinary) Australians

Welcome back Michael Leunig. So
sorry to learn of the serious knock. So
grateful that you – upheaved and altered – that you are
with us still. And for this ‘re-entry’ too
into ‘continuing madness and joy’:

We Can Pay For It

We can pay for it

Lest We Forget

Lest We Forget

Anzac Epitaph

Anzac Epitaph


I Vote

Source: The Age, 3 December 2014.

Friday with Leunig: (a triple) on the ‘forces of evil’

Vasco Pyjama

The Age, 27 September 2014

Stone Age

The Age, 1 October 2014

Cult pie

3 October 2014

Appropriate facial expressions for the six levels of terror alert

Terror alerts

Underpants Which Have In Winter Sagged (A Hymn for Spring)

Looking for a hymn to celebrate Spring’s advent? It would be hard to beat this one:


Friday with Leunig: Death Cult II

Death Cult 2

Friday with Leunig: Nearly Spring

Nearly Spring

 The Age, 3 September 2014

For more on Australia’s seasons, check out Timothy Entwisle’s fascinating new book Sprinter and Sprummer: Australia’s Changing Seasons, or listen to him chatting about its thesis here.

Friday with Leunig: Chef of the Year

Chef of the Year

The Age, 27 August 2014

Friday with Leunig: Beheadings, The World’s Gettings, and Starer Down

A triple this week:


The Age, 22 August 2014

The world's getting hotter

The Age, 20 August 2014 Starer-down

The Age, 16 August 2014 

Friday with Leunig: How To Do It

How to do it

Friday with Leunig: The Cost of Living

The Curly-Pyjama Letters - Cost of Living

The Age, 6 August 2014

Friday with Leunig: The Earth, the Insanity

Michael Leunig has produced two cartoons (and possibly more) this year ‘named’ Earth. Here they are:

Earth - 4 April 2014

 The Age, 4 April 2014

[Speaking of ‘sorrow’, reading Sarah Whyte’s piece today had me in tears for hours.]


 The Age, 30 July 2014

And his offering in today’s Sydney Morning Herald/The Age sustains and focuses the same theme:


Friday with Leunig: The ‘eternal mantra’

Eternal Mantra

Leunig on Aussies, fighting, President Obama, and being kicked up the foxhole


Double Leunig: on the ‘business’ of being human, and on the humanising sacrament of soup




Abused by a priest


[Source: The Age, 17 May 2014]

Breakfast with God

Breakfast with God

[Source: The Age, 10 May 2014]