Jason A. Goroncy

Portrait with Emily Kam Kngwarray, Anwerlarr anganenty (Big yam Dreaming) 1995 0701Jason Goroncy (PhD, St Andrews) is Senior Lecturer in Systematic Theology at the University of Divinity.

He has published widely in the areas of public theology, theology and the arts, death, and the church. He is the author of Hallowed be Thy Name: The Sanctification of All in the Soteriology of P. T. Forsyth, and has edited Descending on Humanity and Intervening in History: Notes from the Pulpit Ministry of P. T. Forsyth, and Tikkun Olam – To Mend the World: A Confluence of Theology and the Arts. A fuller list of his published writing is available here.

His current writing projects include three monographs – on P. T. Forsyth; on death; and on trauma and resurrection. He is also editing the T&T Clark Handbook of the Doctrine of Creation (Bloomsbury), and coediting (with Rod Pattenden) Imagination in an Age of Crisis: Soundings from the Arts and Theology (Wipf & Stock).

Among Jason’s many affections are cooking (especially Indian and Sri Lankan dishes), music, reading, visual arts, bushwalking, gardening, cycling, whisky, birds, cotton shirts, and loose-leaf teas. He has a strong preference for home-roasted coffee beans, and for second-hand clothing (his favourite pair of pyjamas once belonged to a very long-legged ‘Mr Ron Baker’). His golf game was much improved after reading John Updike’s essays ‘Walking Insomnia’ and ‘Lost Balls’.

Jason also contributes to and edits the site Art/s and Theology Australia.

Current Teaching

  • Beginning Theological Studies (UD unit codes: CT1001W, CT1701W, CT8001W, CT8701W).
  • Being Human (UD unit codes: CT2705W, CT3705W, CT9705W).
  • Church: The Quest for Christian Community (UD unit codes: CT2020W, CT3020W, CT9020W)
  • Creation (UD unit codes: CT3039W, CT9039W, DA3039W, DA9039W)
  • Death (UD unit codes: CT3011W, CT3711W, CT9011W, CT9711W)
  • John Calvin: Thought and Legacy (UD unit codes: CH3028W, CT3028W, CH9028W, CT9028W)
  • Suffering, Faith, and Theodicy (UD unit codes: CT3029W, CT9029W)
  • The God of Fiction (UD unit codes: CT3038W, CT9038W)
  • Theology and the Arts (UD unit codes: CT2009W, DP2009W, CT3009W, DP3009W, CT9009W, DP9009W)
  • Theology, Poetry, and Imagination (UD unit codes: CT3026W, DP3026W, CT9026W, DP9026W)
  • War, Trauma, and Peace-making (UD unit codes: CT9xxxW)
  • Who is Jesus? (UD unit codes: CT2002W, CT2702W, CT3002W, CT3702W, CT9002W, CT9702W)
  • Writing Well (UD unit codes: AL1020W, AL8020W)

Preferred Areas of Postgraduate Supervision

  • Public Theology
  • Reformed History and Theology
  • Suffering
  • Theological Anthropology
  • Theology and the Arts
  • Theological Ethics
  • Trauma
  • General areas of Christian thought (especially the doctrines of God, of creation, and of hope)