Some Recent Watering Holes


Brenda L. Croft, ‘shut/mouth/scream’ (detail), 2016. Source


I haven’t posted one of these for a while. Here are a number of pages I’ve appreciated visiting this past week or so:

And this:

Two wee notices about the global theology scene

GlobeTheoLibFirst, there’s the Global Digital Library on Theology and Ecumenism (GlobeTheoLib), a joint project of the WCC and which ‘aims to redress a global imbalance of access to research materials in theology and related disciplines’. It contains more than 750,000 articles, documents and other academic resources that can be accessed freely, in six languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Indonesian and Chinese), by registered participants.

Second, the application deadline for next year’s Global Institute of Theology (something that I’ve posted about before) has been extended until 15 January. Applications forms can be accessed here.


Hans Küng on Global Ethics, Roman Catholicism, and other stuff

Last night, Rachel Kohn, presenter of ABC Radio’s The Spirit of Things, aired an interesting interview with the Roman Catholic theologian Hans Küng. Among other things, they discussed global ethics (‘a program which can integrate again secularists and clericalists’), Roman Catholicism under Benedict (that ‘the Catholic church is in a period of roman restoration’) and genital mutilation. You can also download/listen to the conversation here.

Baghdad Christianity

Just watched an informative video of a priest in Baghdad discussing Christianity, security and globalisation in pre- and post-invasion Iraq. It’s well worth watching, as are a few of the other videos from that site’s video archive.

On a related note, Chris Rice has posted some helpful thoughts on Karl Barth’s critique of 19th Century Theology as a guide for critiquing contemporary (and shameful) Evangelical American theology here.