May bests …

John Coltrane Blue TrainBest books: On Being Family: A Social Theology of the Family by Ray S. Anderson and Dennis B. Guernsey; John Newton, The Double Rainbow: James K. Baxter, Ngāti Hau and the Jerusalem Commune (Reviewed here); Reconstructing Pastoral Theology by Andrew Purves; We Are Still Married: Stories and Letters by Garrison Keillor; Bearing Fresh Olive Leaves by Calvin Seerveld.

Best music: Live In London by Leonard Cohen; Blue Train by John Coltrane; Outer South by Conor Oberst & the Mystic Valley Band.

Best films: A Love Song for Bobby Long [2005]; Kramer vs. Kramer  [1979]. 

Best drink: Frangelico.

Podding around

Here’s a few more podcasts that I’ve checked out today that I thought were worth sharing here:

With the rise of the internet many parents are feelings that their kids know more about what goes on in the world wide web than they do. And with community like websites, danger for them is no longer just in the neighbourhood. In this podcast, Paul Wallbank of PC Rescue maps out some of the dangers of cyberspace.

In this podcast on living with drug and alcohol abuse in families, Shirley Smith, author of Set Yourself Free, talks about how we can help people with addictions or overcome our own. All of us know someone with a problem with addiction and it can create chaos in a lot of lives.

The first 9 minutes of this podcast includes a discussion on Boys, Men, and Fathers.

This podcast includes a discussion on reading to your children, this one and this one are discussions on co-parenting and reading to kids, while this one is on Single-sex schools.

This podcast includes an argument for co-ed schools, and this one’s on Political wives, Intensive parenting, and Maths for pre-schoolers.

There’s a discussion here on Kids and Money too, and one here on ‘From Babies to Blokes: The Making of Men’.

So that ought to keep us all busy for a wee while. I usually download podcasts to my MP3 player and listen to them at night while I fall asleep.