May bests …

John Coltrane Blue TrainBest books: On Being Family: A Social Theology of the Family by Ray S. Anderson and Dennis B. Guernsey; John Newton, The Double Rainbow: James K. Baxter, Ngāti Hau and the Jerusalem Commune (Reviewed here); Reconstructing Pastoral Theology by Andrew Purves; We Are Still Married: Stories and Letters by Garrison Keillor; Bearing Fresh Olive Leaves by Calvin Seerveld.

Best music: Live In London by Leonard Cohen; Blue Train by John Coltrane; Outer South by Conor Oberst & the Mystic Valley Band.

Best films: A Love Song for Bobby Long [2005]; Kramer vs. Kramer  [1979]. 

Best drink: Frangelico.


  1. coltrane is brilliant isn’t he? bewildering, angsty, maddening, disturbing, sensitive, sexy, soulful, calming, beautiful, and all in the space of sixteen bars. he also makes it very difficult to continue theology.


  2. Both the movie and the soundtrack for “A Love Song for Bobby Long” are wonderful! A good inclusion in the “bests” list you’ve provided.


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