Online Activism & Human Rights in China

Online activismThose within cooee of Dunedin might like to diary that Amnesty International’s Human Rights Book Club (which is not really a book club at all) is meeting again on Monday 12th October, 5:30pm, at the Dunedin Public Library, 1st Floor, LearnIT Left room. The topic of this month’s meeting is ‘Online Activism & Human Rights in China’ and our guest speaker will be Paola Voci, Senior Lecturer in Chinese in the Department of Languages & Culture at Otago University.

For more information, contact the very approachable Betty Mason-Parker.

This discussion is timely with the recent crackdown on human rights defenders, including media in China and Rebiya Kadeer’s just-announced visit to New Zealand.

Genocide Olympics

Panorama is an investigative TV documentary programme that airs on BBC One. Recently (14 July 2008) they aired a documentary called ‘China’s Secret War’. After months of investigating China’s covert arms trade, Panorama offered the first evidence of how China is arming the Sudanese government with arms to enable it to wage a campaign of violence in Darfur. Yet another reason to boycott the Olympics and condemn the IOC’s decision. Here’s a preview.