‘Thoughts on being The Registrar’, by Catherine van Dorp

SAMSUNGA hundred jobs half-done;
And half-remembered thoughts hover just beyond recall
Of things to do.
Scribbled names on
Scraps of paper
Remind of calls
That interrupted previous attempts
To beat the chaos.
Lists bring some order
And lend respite
From sense of failure.
Resolution to complete
At least one task
Becomes today’s compulsion.
I click my mouse
Open my spreadsheet
Gather my thoughts
to task at hand
and start again.

The phone rings …

– by Catherine van Dorp, 15 October 2014.


  1. Reading this made my day! I was feeling stuck and down. As much as misery loves company, I feel like I can get back into my pile of semi-completed work and challenges and try again thanks to your poem. It is also quite nice to see you wrote it four days ago…we are feeling the same way at the same time. The photo is inspiring too. Keep smiling!

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