Austin Diary III: Raison d’être


Frierson Seminar

Aside from a little day trip down to magnificent San Antonio, this past week has seen me in Austin. My principle reason for being here has been to participate in the Inaugural Clarence N. and Betty B. Frierson Distinguished Scholars’ Conference at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary. The theme of the conference—“Always Being Reformed: Challenges, Issues and Prospects for Reformed Theologies Today”—provided a welcome invitation for a diverse and international company of scholars to address themes, questions, and issues in the Reformed tradition resonant with their own contexts and areas of expertise. The participants were Carlos Cardoza-Orlandi, Deborah and Henk van den Bosch, Grace Ji-Sun Kim, Lameck Banda, Margit Ernst Habib, Martha Moore-Keish, Mary Fulkerson, Meehyun Chung, Bill Greenway, Cindy Rigby, David Jensen, and myself. Our three days together were marked by joy, gratitude, friendship, good scholarship, trust, ego-free candour, great food, wonderful hospitality, and with hope that we might be able to do it again—a gathering of qualities still a little all-too-rare at academic gigs.

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