Austin Diary I: You realise (or realize) that you’re visiting another planet when …

… while out for an innocent stroll, you happen across sights like this:


and this:


and this:


All in a public place; just there—there, right in front of you—there where anyone, even left-handed people, and people who like to taste the coffee in their coffee, can see it.

And all that, just down the road from this—but which you have to sign in to see (presumably because anywhere in the world where Finney and Forsyth appear within such close proximity of each other is cause for grave public concern, and confusion):


All told, I’m enjoying Uncle Stanley’s home state. And I’ll post something a little more intelligent about it tomorrow.


  1. Looks like worn edges on your book, which is a sign of hope! Glad to hear you are in my time zone, even if a thousand miles miles away. What brings you above the equator?


  2. Hi Gary. I’m very much enjoying being in your neck of the woods. I’ve never been to Texas before. They tell me that Austin’s not really Texas, and that Texas isn’t really the US; two facts I’m grateful for. I’m here for a wee conference on Semper Reformanda, about which I blogged here.

    PS. I haven’t forgotten your book.


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