Saturday with Leunig (plus, as a bonus, a theology of deodorant)

Anyway, amid the stories in The Age today about how Scott Morrison has done the seemingly impossible and discovered a new level of low, about why we should consider covering up the cameras on our smartphones and other devices, about how much charities spend on fund-raising, about Grumpy Cat, about Harry Kewell’s ankle, and about how today is the day for me to create the ideal future I’ve envisioned, through sheer force of will!, because the universe supports that kind of intensity right now, there was this gem from Michael Leunig:

Some people

And while I’m drawing attention to things worthwhile (and otherwise), one other serious gem worth checking out is Scott Stephens’ fantastic piece (over at the ABC’s Religion and Ethics site) on Hirschhorn, human bodies, icons and the body of Christ; or, to put it otherwise, What would a theology of deodorant look like?

[Image source: The Age]

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