black friday

lots of
this morning

never heard of it
this year.


for people
(of all things)
to have.

i might
this day
make cheese

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  1. Black Friday seems only to have come into the view of Australasians in the last two or three years. I don’t know how long it’s being going on – quite some time, I guess – but it seems a horrific testament to greed. One store was promoting the idea of offering large bags to bring in your old stuff (which would go to those in need) so you could then buy lots of new stuff. Sounds righteous, until you look at it!


  2. I agree with you Mike. A horrific testament to greed indeed!
    Most of the e-newsletters I receive from Quilters’ suppliers in the USA and have been promoting this Black Friday for some weeks now.
    Any custom I might send USA-wards deliberately delete and bypass altogether.

    Love the Leunig clip, thanks again Jason.
    PS – I’m enjoying your erudite, and warmly accessible Descending on Humanity. Some interesting connections …one that PTF was born almost exactly 100 years before me and curiously parallels exist. You’ve made him come alive as a person one can relate to easily. Thank you!


  3. @Janet: Thank you for your kind and complimentary words about Descending on Humanity. My hope in writing the intro was precisely, though not only, to give readers a sense of the man. That you feel that I have not failed completely at this is a great encouragement to me. I do very much wish to introduce a new generation of people to Forsyth, and to his mind irrigated as it was, and is, with Christ crucified. Blessed are those who read him often.


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