Orders of Service for a Tangihanga and an Unveiling: A resource manual for worship leaders

Te Paepae Tapu o Te Maungarongo ki Ohope

The Rev Wayne Te Kaawa, the Moderator of Te Aka Puaho (the Māori Synod of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand) has helpfully produced a bilingual Māori and English resource for ministers and worship leaders who may need resources to aid them with a tangi, funeral and unveiling. It can be downloaded here.


  1. Thanks Jason. I do have a problem with liturgies as this here on p58 & 71 which request that somehow ours prayers may have an effect on the deceased which to me to runs counter to WCF 21.4 and reference to the mythological Earth Mother [Papatuanaku] page 54 which raises some questions about our doctrine of creation confessed in Scripture & the ecumenical creeds


  2. Thank you so much love reading this book its teaching me how to speak in maori and gives me the meaning what i am saying where can I get this book I haven’t got a printer and I love to share it with my boys hoping they can take up this ministry one day Our parents never taught us maori now I’m 65 and this book can help me


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