John Milne’s ‘Per Crucem ad Lucem’

FugueOne of the amazing readers of this blog, the aspiring Chicago choral composer John Milne, was kind enough to email me a copy of a wonderful piece of music that he had recently written and recorded. It is titled ‘Per Crucem ad Lucem‘, about which he writes:

I had originally conceived a very modern arrangement, a slow evolution of minor and sometimes dissonant chords rising up and eventually resolving into a triumphant major chord, but once the phrase took on a melodic form I knew it had to be something more of a Bach-like fugue.

You can listen to the piece here. As you might imagine, I was absolutely delighted that John sent it to me, and then gave me permission to post it here. The music is both deeply moving and a faithful witness to the truth articulated in its title. What do you think?

A few days later, John sent me another piece, this time one set to the poem ‘Soft and safe to thee, be this earthly bed’. I may post it sometime.


  1. Any idea why it’s so hard to find anything out about this composer on the Net? In fact, the only reference to the piece you’ve quoted is on your page….


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