On humility and interpretation

Now I’m all for keeping author’s humble, but I’m really not sure how I should be interpreting this page from the QBD bookshop advertising my recent book:


Suggestions welcome.


  1. THIS is the bit I like:People who purchased “Hallowed Be Thy Name by Jason Goroncy” also purchased… How to Study the Bible

    Bringing the Prophets to Life

    Did Jesus Come to Britain?

    A Brief Introduction to The New Testament

    RRP: $9.95

    RRP: $37.95

    RRP: $21.95

    RRP: $103.95

    The Christian World

    When Young Men Are Tempted

    The Institutes of Christian Religion

    The Rise to Respectability

    RRP: $18.95

    RRP: $11.95

    RRP: $21.95

    RRP: $57.95



  2. @Tim: My book’s with T&T Clark/Bloomsbury rather than with Brill, though for that price one could be forgiven for thinking it was published by the latter. But now that you mention it, perhaps you and I could get our heads together and suggest a dummies series for Brill. I’m sure that they’d be very interested in a series that mirrored something like Bloomsbury’s ‘Guides for the Perplexed’ – ‘clear, concise and accessible introductions to thinkers, writers and subjects that students and readers can find especially challenging – or indeed downright bewildering’. So, for example, something like The Dummies Guide to Reading the Essay Question Properly! Our pitch could be that our series provides illustrated guides (mainly with cartoons and pop-ups) and that each volume comes with a full smorgasbord of extra (though fairly typical) paraphernalia (t-shirts, underwear, USB sticks that don’t work, recipes, etc.) germane to each subject. Whaddayareckon?

    Speaking of price, I wonder if the Dummies logo represents the kind of drongo who would pay the $255.95 price tag they are asking; i.e. ‘Hey Dummies, look here!’

    @Catherine: Love it!

    @Kamal and @Mike: :-)


  3. Jason, When this notice first caught my eye, not only did I think the QBD book must be a Folio Society edition with slip case, or maybe it’s the gold-edged edition signed by PT Forsyth and yourself! James Chaousis


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