On Japanese receptions of the thought of PT Forsyth

I posted recently on Hiroshi Ōmiya’s Japanese edition and translation of Justice the True and Only Mercy: Essays on the Life and Theology of Peter Taylor Forsyth (originally edited by Trevor Hart). Now I’ve been informed that Naoya Kawakami’s dissertation on the reception of Forsyth’s thought in Japan has just been published. (You can read about it here and purchase a copy here.) This is an area of growing interest to me, and so it’s a delight to witness this body of literature being made available.

One comment

  1. I’m very pleased to read about Forsyth’s growing reception in Japan. I’ve felt for a long time that his work has suffered the neglect of comparrison (i.e. to KB). His work came to me when I was first learning to think theologically and made a significant impact on me, especially one of his smaller works: ‘The Person and Place of Jesus Christ’ (isn’t it interesting that books that impact us deeply are not always the largest on our shelves?). Asa young preacher I found Forsyth’s ‘Positive Preaching and the Modern Mind’ infinitely more worthwhile than anything published on preaching in the last generation- precisely because he goes to the heart of the endeavor. John McNassor


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