On the Cost and Grace of Parish Ministry

Pieter Bruegel , 'The Fight between Carnival and Lent' (detail)

With every intention of getting back to this series next year, here’s the links so far to my series of posts on the cost and grace of parish ministry:


  1. I think these posts are essential reading for parishioners. I intend to work my way through them and I’m sure they’ll help me appreciate the perspective of my minister.
    Hope you’re enjoying your time in India Jason.


  2. Thank you so much, Jason!

    I’ve just skimmed the first post and, while I’m sure that I’ve read some of them in the past, my perspective is completely changed now that I’m a whole 19 days into parish ministry and eight days away from ordination.

    I proceeded virtually overnight from being an elder in a several-hundred member liberal, socially active, theologically aware church in one of the most highly educated, diverse, and politically engaged suburbs in the US to being the pastor of a small, conservative, homogenous, rural church in which the congregation is much more interested in my showing up in hospitals and at the homes of widows than in sharing what one might term the academic challenges of Scripture and theology with them. Only a few minutes ago, I stood in front of the mirror pondering the challenges of worship on Veterans’ Day and wondering why God called me to this particular congregation.

    I’m going to read and digest these posts with great relish!


  3. Thanks for your kind comments. It’s always so encouraging to hear that one’s words have found an ear attached to a grateful heart. I hope that you are encouraged in the reading.

    BTW: Robin, in light of your latest post, are you familiar with Joseph Small’s wee paper on ordination and authority? I thought it was a very helpful piece.


  4. Found it (them) – on the PC(USA) website. They’ll be a great help to me next week, when I preach to my congregation in the morning about what the ordination service in the afternoon means — for all of us.


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