Gulls of a feather

I’ve just returned from a few days away with the family on the lovely Banks Peninsula, where two days of snow and blizzards were promptly followed by much-welcomed sun and blindingly-clear light. (Unfortunately, there has not been enough of the latter to make our driveway at home accessible yet.) Having survived the former, these gulls were well and truly enjoying the latter. I initially thought that a caption contest might be a fun thing, but I now think that their joy is simply worth sharing as is.

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  1. We didn’t visit Banks Peninsula when holidaying in NZ in January 2010 – looks like we missed out!
    The gulls are quite something – and they seem to be coping with the snow/ice on the roof! At the back of our house is a reserve where kookaburras nest and a couple of them make themselves at home in our yard. How fortunate we are.


  2. Pam, as much as I love the sound of the kererū in flight, I do miss the various announcements of the kookaburra. We too had many around our house when we lived in OZ. BTW: I don’t think that that’s snow or ice on the roof!


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