Presbyterianism 101 [updated]

While in the throes of writing lectures and two talks for the Going Further event, I’m also trying to put together a new course outline for the Presbyterian & Reformed course that I teach. And while, to be sure, such things exist in a state of constant flux and demand regular updating, here’s what (inspired by Marc Cortez) I’ve come up with so far.

Note: blind freddies and/or those viewing with ancient monitors may prefer to view a larger image. In which case, click on the blur below:


  1. As a Baptist myself, I’d like to point out that you have clearly listed us under the wrong heresy. I’m pretty sure we stem from the one next to it.


  2. Thank you. This is going in the files. I have a new member class Saturday, I think I’ll use this then too.


  3. It’s nice to see the banner of truth readers get there own corner of errancy. Quite humorous. Reminds me a polity reconstruction of Perkin’s Golden Chain. Perhaps John Macleod Campbell should get his own errant circle all to himself? haha.


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