Images of the Eucharist

While writing a lecture on the Lord’s Supper, I’ve been reflecting on some interesting images which, each in different ways, invite us to think again about what the Church might be up to when it engages in this particular proclamatory performance. Here’s a few that struck me:

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  1. It is very interesting how visible image has become more important to modern and now postmodern man (humanity). It is here perhaps that Orthodoxy has been ahead of the issue, with both ‘A Premodern Faith for a Postmodern Era’ to quote Fr. John Behr (Orthodox priest and professor at St. Vladimir’s Seminary, N.Y.) Note the use by so many Christians now of the Icon, etc.


  2. Fr. Robert, no truer words have been spoken.

    J, excellent collection. I especially like to see them speaking as a group … but that hippie chalice and sky ablaze need to go. It looks like a picture so pusher in the 70’s might have put on an LSD sticker! Ha!

    thank you again for digging through our heritage, brother.


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