Leunig on Over Stimulation

TV Sunset

‘The individual is overwhelmed by the magnitude. We have embraced technology and economic systems that are just unfathomable and massive and all-powerful. I think television is a totally destructive and corrosive medium. People are living lives though television and films and the media rather than through their own lives. They are not living creatively. They are living reactively and passively all the time. We feel we need all this stimulation, but in fact we need very little’. – Michael Leunig


  1. … sure, but ingmar bergman’s scenes from a marriage and fanny & alexander, the southbank show, lynch’s twin peaks, clive james’ postcards, joss whedon’s buffy, daniel knauf’s carnivale, david milch’s deadwood, everything by dennis potter, and mad about you… these are all television too.


  2. Excellent!

    This seems to be equally a problem with blogging, and any other “e-communio; it becomes an artificial experience which summons us back once and again . . . only to remain anonymously connected to a whole bunch of others who are endeavoring to achieve the same thing.


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