Leunig on Television

TV‘You see a society that’s provided for by television is a society that says it doesn’t need too many parks or natural situations for children to play in because television will look after them. So I think we, we start to construct the shape of our cities and our suburbs is built around this fact that people can be taken care of, they can be plonked in a room and absorbed in this virtual reality and reality itself becomes kind of a little bit degraded. I have a sense that it is mad making somewhere. That the quality of attention we give to each other as humans is degraded and diminished eventually with the sustained cultural usage’. – Michael Leunig

One comment

  1. One of my (many) favourite Leunig poems (with pictures to match) goes something like this:
    If all the seas in the world were one great sea,
    what a great big sea that would be!
    If all the TVs in the world were one great big TV,
    what a great big TV that would be!
    And if someone took that TV and threw it into that sea,
    what a great big splash that would be!


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