Christopher Hitchens

David Bentley Hart on ‘The Violence of Christian History’

David Bentley Hart is not only an extraordinarily erudite theologian, he is also very generous in his service of the gospel, always worth listening to, and always offers much to learn from. Here he is in a CPX interview on the question of violence in Christian history:

I’ve drawn attention to this part of the interview before, and to the five parts which follow it:

      1. The violence of Christian history
      2. The new atheists and an ugly God
      3. Ethics and the good life
      4. Nostalgia for a pagan past
      5. Gnosticism and alternative gospels
      6. Suffering and the problem of evil

Unfortunately, CPX seems to have removed the video version of the interview. The full interview, however, is still available here (in MP3 format) or here via iTunes.