Markus Barth on ‘Baptism in the New Testament and Today’

In 1970, Markus Barth gave a series of lectures at Pittsburgh University on ‘Baptism in the New Testament and Today’. Here’s the links to the audios:

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Bleby and Pennicook on the Holy Spirit

New Creation Teaching Ministry has made available for download the talks from the 2007 NSW Spring School. Here they are:

‘The Spirit of Glory’, Martin Bleby (50 min)

‘The Love of the Spirit’, Martin Bleby (58 min)

‘The Spirit and the Community of Love’, Ian Pennicook (62 min)

‘The Spirit and the Son – Part 2’, Martin Bleby (51 min)

‘The Ministry of the Spirit’, Ian Pennicook (47 min)

Plus 2 sermons:

‘Can These Bones Live?’ (Ezekiel 37), Ian Pennicook (36 min)

‘The Breath of God Has Come’, (Ezekiel 37), Martin Bleby (27 min)

NT Wright on Romans, ‘Simply Christian’, and more

Steve Hayhow (thanks Steve) has linked to three talks on Romans by NT Wright. Also, I’ve been listening to Wright’s talks on his latest book Simply Christian. As on any topic, Wright is well worth listening too. These can all be downloaded here.

On Romans:
God’s Gospel, God’s Son, God’s Righteousness (30.1MB MP3)
New Exodus, New Creation, New Humanity (27.8MB MP3)
‘All Israel’ and the Church’s Task (29.9MB MP3)

On Simply Christian:
Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense, Part 1 of 2 (68 MB MP3)
Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense, Part 2 of 2 (38 MB MP3)

There’s also a stack more available from NT Wright’s page which I list here:

InterVarsity Press Conference, January 1999:
Jesus and the Kingdom (8.5MB MP3)
Jesus and the Cross (8.2MB MP3)
Jesus and God (10.4MB MP3)
Jesus and the World’s True Light (9.8MB MP3)

Calvin College, January 2007:
Simply Christian
Space, Time and Sacraments

The Memorial Church of Harvard University, October 2006:
2006 William Belden Noble Lectures

KFUO Radio Interview: Issues, Etc.
The Problem of Evil (9MB MP3)

KFUO Radio Interview: Issues, Etc.
Direct Link (49MB MP3)

Nashotah House, May 2006:
Commencement Address (MP3)

Washington National Cathedral video, May 2006:
Simply Christian

City Church, May 2006:
Open Forum with N.T. Wright

Grace Cathedral, May 2006:
N.T. Wright and Anne Rice: Writing Our Way to God

SHAC Celebration Service, March 2006:
The Power of God vs the Powers of the World (4.6MB MP3)

St Barnabas Anglican Church, March 2006:
Sermon on Worship (4.75MB MP3)

Durham New Testament Seminar, October 2005:
Jesus (7.5MB MP3)
Paul (7MB MP3)
November 2005: Further Thoughts on Romans 10 (10.8MB MP3)

Seattle Pacific University, May 2005: The Bible and Christian Imagination

Pepperdine University, January 2005:
The Challenge of Following Jesus in the 21st Century:
Lecture 1
Lecture 2
Lecture 3

Open Source Theology, September 2004:
Future of the People of God talks

Calvin College, January 2003:
St. Paul in the Big Picture

Baylor Chapel, October 2002: Lecture on Evil

Calvin College, January 2002:
Freedom and Framework, Spirit and Truth: Recovering Biblical Worship

Yale University, 1996. The Veritas Forum:
The Jesus of Myth and History (28MB MP3)
So What? (20MB MP3)

BBC Radio interview

BBC Radio 3 Interview, Transcript

Jerry Bowyer interview: N.T. Wright and New Insights on Paul (11.4MB MP3)

New Creation Teaching Ministry Summer School

The talks from the New Creation Teaching Ministry Summer School are now available to listen to or download online here. I know what I’ll be listening to for a few weeks now. Also, Don Carson has a review of 3 books on Scripture (by N.T. Wright, John Webster, and Peter Enns) available to read online here. It’s a lengthy article but well worth the read. And, of course, after yesterday’s game – GO AUSSIE! Bring on Brazil … (or is that just a little cocky!)