On Writing Essays: A Little Resource for (my) Theological Students

I recently created a little video offering some general advice about writing, and about writing essays. It is intended to be a basic resource for students enrolled in my Beginning Theological Studies class. It may be that parts of it are of some help to other students also. You should feel free to use/share it if you think it is suitable for your mob too.


  1. Thanks, Jason! Inspirational and practical advice that will help us all learn, construct, and communicate better in the new semester. Just shared it on FB.


  2. This is outstanding, Jason, and I imagine it will be a very useful guide to your students and to others. I have shared it with some of my colleagues at OVC.


  3. @Catherine. Thank you for commenting, and for sharing. I’m not sure I said enough about the important role of the editor, but I at least (mostly) avoided using those sadly-outdated words that too few modern readers miss.


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