A little pre-Advent, Advent, and post-Advent ecclesiology


‘The Church lives between the time of Christ’s death and resurrection and the final consummation of all things which he will bring; she is a pilgrim people, always on the way towards a promised goal; here she does not have a continuing city but seeks one to come. On the way Christ feeds her with Word and Sacraments, and she has the gift of the Spirit in order that she may not lose the way’.

 – Uniting Church in Australia. The Basis of Union (Melbourne: Uniting Church Press, 1992), §3.


  1. Hey Jason! I hope you are happy and well. I am doing great, really loving this parish and it feels like God is at work in lots of exciting ways. We are loving Hawkes Bay too, so so cool! We are getting involved in a co housing initiative which is exciting, Chris is already doing some volunteer engineering work for them and they are looking at employing him. I am thinking the wider church could be involved too as an exciting mission possibility…. ANyhow I am actually just emailing to see if you can change my email to jill@standrewshastings.org.nz from your blog so I can get your musings! Chris’s son Henry is moving to Melbourne in January so that will be yet another reason to visit Melbourne. I just hope you guys will be there next time!!! Love to Judy, the kids and you Jill


  2. Hi Jill. So lovely to hear from you, and to hear that things are going well for you and Chris in Hawkes Bay. Let me know when you plan to be in Melbourne. It would be super to catch up (I still regret that we couldn’t make it happen last time). BTW. I’ve added your email to the subscription list. – J


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