Euthanasia: Some theological considerations for living responsibly

Die Klage der heiligen Zeder

A recent issue of Pacifica includes my article on euthanasia. It can be accessed via this link. Apparently, SAGE have granted free access to the article until the end of October.

[Image: Anselm Kiefer, ‘Die Klage der heiligen Zeder’, 1981]


  1. That’s the case at the moment. However, if past practice be any guide, I imagine that it will become freely accessible at some stage in the near-ish future.


  2. Hey Jason, Yes please, would love to read this. How are you? Gutted to have missed you at Whitley. But hopefully will be in Melbourneagain next year as Chris’s son probably moving there at the end of the year. Hope you had a great holiday in Darwin! I am getting inducted into my new.parish in Hastings on Thursday night. I am really excited about beginning this journey with these people. It has been so good to have this time off in between parishes and I am rearing to go. Blessings Jill


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