Free article on George Mackay Brown

George Mackay Brown 5.jpgSome readers of this blog may be interested to read my recent essay on the work of the Orcadian writer George Mackay Brown. The essay, which was published in Pacifica, is currently available to be downloaded freely, and can be accessed here, or via pdf here.

I had much pleasure writing this article, but reader beware when I suggest that its reading will be significantly enhanced if accompanied by a wee dram or two of Highland Park. Trust me.

5 thoughts on “Free article on George Mackay Brown

  1. I’ve read his poetry for many years and have some of his books. Again, thank you. I enjoy your site!


  2. Just downloaded this article, Jason. I wasn’t going to bother to read it (!) but got caught up in Brown’s words, and ideas, and so need to read it away from the computer…where I tend to skim, and my eye drifts too easily…!
    Thanks for making it available.


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