‘The lid is doing a nudie run down Barkly Street it’s gone into Poons to order Lemon Chicken and Special Fried Rice (Large) in the nuddy BECAUSE WE ARE IN A GRAND FINAL!!! GO DOGS!’

First Dog On The Moon does it again even better this time.


  1. Dear Jason Garoncy, I enjoy your posts, and bloggs etc; many of them inspire me; some make me laugh – some I quickly delete, and some I save for later reflection – but I am shortly going to close down my Yahoo email address, and would be grateful if you would keep me on your mailing list, and send your info to me on jean.9.wyatt@gmail.com Many thanks yours sincerely Jean Wyatt PS I wonder if you ever got round to reading my book,  The judge is the Savior? I would be interested to hear your opinion (even if unfavourable!).


  2. Hi Jean. It’s good to hear from you, and thanks for letting me know your new email address. I’ll add it to the subscriber’s list. I have made a start on your book. Will let you know when I’ve finished it. Best, Jason.


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