Pastors can’t win

Can't win

This all seems to ring true for women clergy too, for whom I’m sure that a number of further statements might be added. I’m not confident, brave, or stupid enough to speak for them, but invite their comments below.

On a more serious note, I’m really glad that pastors can’t win. Their job is, after all, meant to be impossible.

[Image: via Peter Weeks on Facebook]


  1. The biggest additional hurdle that female pastors have, I think, is about our appearance. If we spend too much time and money on clothes, hair and make-up then we’re self-absorbed money-wasters. If we don’t spend enough time and money on our appearance then we’re letting ourselves go and we’re poor advertisements for the church. If we wear something pretty we’re being inappropriately girly and flirtatious; if we wear something plain we’re not making an effort. And no matter what we wear, someone in the congregation will comment on it. I’ve even had someone congratulate me on the way that the colour of a stole complemented my complexion! That was, of course, what I was thinking when I put on that particular stole!!!


  2. Thank you Avril! I really was hoping that you would weigh in on this. Much appreciate your thoughts here.

    And you made me think about something else; namely, that maybe the reason I’ve never been given a stole (for some reason, I’ve always imagined that they are the kind of thing best received as gift) is because my complexion is complicated and most stoles are anything but.


  3. This post was definitely worth reading for this guy, who is interested in ministry, but mostly fills a space in a pew. But if a pastor was genuine, loving, and faithful to his ministry and his “flock,” then I would hope that the genuineness would shine through to people. Sometimes though, we all may forget just how imperfect and “human” the pastor is as well.

    Thanks for posting!


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