Kerry Enright: an interview

Kerry Enright and Pastor BerlinLast night’s edition of the ABC program Sunday Nights, hosted by John Cleary, included an interview with the Rev Dr Kerry Enright, the outgoing National Director of UnitingWorld, and a friend of mine. During the interview, Kerry reflects upon two of his favorite topics – the catholic nature of the church as gift from God and as sign to the world, and on the role of the church in civil society (here the discussion is focused particularly on Fiji, Australia and New Zealand). He also talks a bit about his forthcoming appointment as minister of Knox Church (Presbyterian) in Dunedin. I’m looking forward to welcoming Kerry back to Dunedin, and back to the PCANZ, soon. You can listen to the interview here.

And while I’m mentioning Kerry, there’s also an older interview in which he talks about God’s mission and about the significance of partnerships that UnitingWorld enjoys:


  1. Thanks for the post of Kerry’s interview Jason. It will be of great interest to many of us at Knox, Dunedin.


  2. It was good to hear your voice, Kerry, and your reading of things, particularly about the Pacific and about what the claims of catholicity can look like on the ground. Let me know when you get into town. A beer?


  3. I heard the interview with John Cleary, and thought to myself, ‘this sounds like more Goroncy theology for Dunedin’!

    That Black Monteith’s beer from Greymouth, NZ is well worth a try.


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