On the demonic and introverted nature of worldly power

Christopher Henry Dawson‘[T]he new mass dictatorships associate the highest and lowest qualities of human nature—self-sacrifice and boundless devotion, as well as unlimited violence and vindictiveness—in the assertion of their will to power … As soon as men decide that all means are permitted to fight an evil, then their good becomes indistinguishable from the evil that they set out to destroy. The subordination of morals to politics, the reign of terror and the technique of propaganda and psychological aggression can be used by any Power or Party that is bold enough to abandon moral scruples and plunge into the abyss. This is the greatest difficulty that faces us at the present time. For it is an evil that thrives by war, and the necessity of opposing the spirit of unlimited aggression by force of arms, creates the atmosphere which is most favourable to its growth’.

– Christopher Dawson, ‘The Hour of Darkness’, The Tablet, 2 December 1939, 626.


  1. Never mind of course that Christian-ism as a would be world conquering power-and-control-seeking POLITICAL religion came to be the world dominant religion via the freely applied business end of swords, cannons and maxim guns, as the information available on this site proves (without a shadow of a doubt)

    Remember too that in response to the Sept 11 atrocity George W Bush warned everybody that the USA was a “christian” nation – meaning that we will shoot first and never ever ask REAL questions, and thus reduce you to dust and smithereens – thus created the never ending “war on terror”. A phrase and subsequent campaign of terror justified and saturated with Orwellian double-speak


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