‘Our Great High Priest’, a song by Glen Soderholm

Glen SoderholmGlen Soderholm is an accomplished musician and songwriter, an ordained minister (with the Presbyterian Church in Canada), and a teacher in the area of the theology and curating of worship. He tells me that he is also ‘currently part of a group of friends giving birth to a missional community in his living room and neighbourhood, and that he has a deep and abiding interest in the relationship of trinitarian/incarnational/onto-relational theology to worship, arts, and culture’. 

Following my recent post on James Torrance’s hymn, ‘I know not how to pray, O Lord’, Glen contacted me and shared with me his own song on that theme, ‘Our Great High Priest’. This song, he tells me, was ‘inspired by a life-changing encounter with James Torrance’s book Worship, Community, and the Triune God of Grace. I read it and felt like I’d come home’. Glen gave me permission to share his wonderful song.

Our great high priest now at the throne
You ever live to pray for your own
And to the Father, you make us known
Our great high priest now at the throne

We long to pray, but we don’t know how
We yearn to stay, but lack the power
Our wills are weak, our tongues are tied
Oh lift us now, right to your side

For us you came to this low plane
For us you lived with joy and pain
For us you died to set us free
And rose on high to bear our plea

Glen’s music is available here or through iTunes.


  1. @Catherine: You may also wish to introduce them to John Cennick’s great hymn, ‘A Great High Priest is Come’, slightly modified with the following words:

    1. A Great High Priest is come
    Who stands in Aaronʼs place;
    Who, honouring the law,
    Established life and grace:
    The law through Mosesʼ service came,
    But grace and truth by Jesusʼ name.

    2. He once temptation knew
    That He might truly find
    A fellow-feeling true
    With every tempted mind:
    In every point our Head was tried
    Like us, and then for us He died.

    3. He died, but lives alway,
    And in the holy stands
    To plead for saints who pray,
    To hold up failing hands:
    Our advocate abides in heavʼn
    That erring saints may be forgivʼn.

    4. We other priests deny,
    And laws, and offerings too;
    None but the Priest on high
    The mighty work can do:
    Through Him, then, all our praise be given,
    Who pleads His householdʼs cause in heaven.

    Let me know if you want the music too :-)


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