Daniel Bell on ‘Just War and Christian Discipleship’

By way of a wee follow up to a recent post on ‘just war’ theory, I wish to draw attention to a talk, which I have only just gotten around to listen to, by Daniel Bell on ‘Just War and Christian Discipleship’, the subject of a book and of this pamphlet also by Bell. It’s a paper presented at Wheaton’s Theology Conference earlier this year on Christian Political Witness, and is available for download in both MP3 and MP4 formats.


  1. Hi Jason,

    What do you think of this Just War as Christian Discipleship? I listened to his presentation last night, and found it very helpful … awash as it seems in a world of pacifism–which I am not, but in principle, yes. And that is, what I found stimulating about Bell’s presentation. It seems to be a principled Christian pacifist mode, but with the de facto realization that war might be a final consequence of things.


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