A wee update on Descending on Humanity and Intervening in History

Forsyth - 1892A number of folk have written to ask me where things are at with my forthcoming bookDescending on Humanity and Intervening in History: Notes from the Pulpit Ministry of P.T. Forsyth. I’m pleased to report that things are progressing well. The proofs are looking great, and the cover designer is just working on producing something agreeable. In the meantime, the book has received the following kind endorsements:

‘Far from being a collection of cozy meditations, here are challenging, biblically rooted, theologically powerful, pastorally concerned essays and sermon notes by Britain’s most stimulating theologian of the twentieth century. Church members will be energized; preachers will be prompted towards relevant exposition. This book is the product of much persistent burrowing by Jason Goroncy, whose substantial introduction is an exemplary piece of scholarship in its own right. We are greatly indebted to him’. – Professor Alan P. F. Sell, University of Wales Trinity Saint David

‘Few modern theologians have displayed the combination of intellectual energy, rhetorical power, and pastoral commitment of P. T. Forsyth. In this valuable collection of Forsyth’s sermons, many of them hitherto unpublished, we encounter a conviction too often absent in church and academy alike – that theology and preaching belong vitally together. In these striking examples of that vision, contemporary readers will find much to learn, challenge, and inspire’. – Ivor J. Davidson, University of St Andrews


  1. It’s on the way, though still (at a guess) some 12 months off …
    There is, of course, the e-book option for those – like one guy I met this week who was reading Hallowed Be Thy Name on his Kindle – who can tolerate such things.


  2. That’s great news! Unfortunately, I cannot do e-books. I’ve even been printing out all the journal articles I read. (Two sided though–does that make it any better?)


  3. You could request your school’s library to purchase it. Surely, no theological library worth its salt can afford to be without a copy (or two) ;-)

    I’d also be happy to request that you receive a review copy if you can find somewhere decent to have it published (and you promise to write a massively favourable review ;-))


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