Two notes from Ed.

editorNote 1: Some readers may have noticed that in addition to a new layout, this blog now has a new URL But, in the immortal words of Douglas Adams, ‘Don’t panic!’ Those who visit the old ‘cruciality’ address(es) will be automatically directed to their new equivalent, and those who subscribe to posts via the RSS feed or via email will continue to receive that service uninterrupted (or so I am led to believe). Please let me know if you encounter any problems accessing a page.

Note 2a: I’m wondering about replacing the ‘Some Current Reading’ section (in the sidebar) with ‘Good Recent Reads’, highlighting what have been my favourite reads during the previous month. This is because it seems to be more helpful to draw readers’ attention to books that one has most appreciated than to inform (or to show off) about what one is currently reading, although I accept that there may be some uses for the latter too. Might add film and music as well; in which case it may have to be under the title ‘Good Reads, Sounds and Films’. If anyone has any strong opinions to share on this subject, I’m all ears.

Note 2b: Please return now to what you were doing before you were rudely interrupted by this broadcast.

– Ed.


  1. I was writing a blog post of my own when I was ‘rudely interrupted’ by going off to gmail and checking to see what had arrived. I think you’re second idea is a good one. If you’re anything like me, half of what you’re ‘currently reading’ won’t wind up being finished anyway!


  2. Hmm… I updated the link in my blogroll and this post is no longer showing as the most recent. Any advice, Jason?


  3. Hi Jason, where did you find the Lord’s Supper image in your banner? It’s very interesting, and I’m wondering where it’s from.


  4. Hi Emily. It’s good to hear from you. I trust that you are well. The image, ‘The Last Supper’, is a photo by the Russian photographer Raoef Mamedov. You won’t have difficulty finding copies of it online. Best, Jason.


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