A wee note to those who read this blog via the RSS feed

RSS feedTo those who read this blog’s content via the RSS feed,

Thank you for being a regular reader of Per Crucem ad Lucem via the feed. You will all almost certainly know by now that Google Reader will be retiring on 1 July. If Google Reader has been your preferred feed reader, and you’re an RSS junkie like me, then you will need to choose a new reader. If you’re yet to choose a replacement reader, it’s really time to do a bit of homework. Certainly there is no shortage of sites listing the pros and cons of the various readers, but the mainline options seem to be The Old Reader, NewsBlurFeedlyBloglines, Digg, FeedreaderNewsvibePulseTiny Tiny RSS, FeedDemon and Yahoo Pipes. For what it’s worth, and these decisions are highly subjective, my first choice of reader – by far – is Feedly.

Of course, dear readers of this blog can also subscribe to posts here at PCaL via email. There are even some of you who get the email in addition to the feed; double points! If you fill out the form on the right hand side (on the desktop version), each new post will magically appear in your inbox. How cool is that!

Thanks again for your interest, interaction and encouragement.

Pax christi,


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