Apologies to those who receive this blog’s posts via the email subscription and who inadvertently received an unbaked, or at least half-baked, version of the previous post. It was typed up on the WordPress app (as was this apology) while I was both horizontal and half asleep and I had meant to save the post as a draft and work on it sometime after the birds announced the new day.

I understand that such sloppiness indicates neither the end of the world nor a sign of such.


  1. Actually, I was just about to dare you to lower your standards and to just once send us something lame– a dull recipe; a dispirited sermon from a faithless preacher; maybe a meticulous, interminable review of a book unworthy of notice. And then this. If this is as bad as it gets, I still “dare ya.” You can’t even write a boring apology… ;-)


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