November stations … combination of conferences, travel, editing and teaching – and a Kilimanjaro of admin – has meant that it’s been a little bit of a light month on the reading front, and that the pile of unread books amassing on and under and around my desk, bed and toilet bowl are scaling to unforeseen heights. That said, my daughter’s school teacher – the lovely Margie Hanning – introduced me to some of the wonderful titles listed here.



  • 20 by Kate Rusby.


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  1. That’s a very impressive list of children’s authors. Including the superlative Shaun Tan.

    Here’s a pretty good poem to start December:

    Royal Presents by Nathaniel Wanley

    The off’rings of the Eastern kings of old
    Unto our Lord were incense, myrrh and gold;
    Incense because a God; gold as a king;
    And myrrh as to a dying man they bring.
    Instead of incense (Blessed Lord) if we
    Can send a sigh or fervent prayer to thee,
    Instead of myrrh if we can but provide
    Tears that from penitential eyes do slide,
    And though we have no gold; if for our part
    We can present thee with a broken heart
    Thou wilt accept: and say those Eastern kings
    Did not present thee with more precious things.


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