The Global Ecumenical Theological Institute

The World Communion of Reformed Churches is looking for young theologians interested in ecumenism. This is your chance to go to Korea as a participant in the Global Ecumenical Theological Institute (GETI) hosted by the World Council of Churches (WCC) in parallel with WCC Assembly in Busan, Korea (25 October to 9 November 2013).

Who is eligible?
Theology students or lecturers up to 45 years old who are members of WCRC member churches.

What is the GETI programme?
GETI is an intensive learning programme focussed on introductory courses in Asian Christianity, Asian theologies and interfaith realities as well as the specific Korean historical, religious and social context.

The programme coincides with the World Council of Churches Assembly in Busan. This allows GETI participants the opportunity to take part in major assembly events including thematic plenary sessions, worship, ecumenical conversations, workgroups and exhibitions. GETI students will not however participate in Assembly business sessions.

GETI seminars will be oriented according to major themes of the WCC Assembly. There will be opportunities for inter-generational dialogue with important leaders of the ecumenical and evangelical movement.

The programme will also include excursions such as a visit to Gwangju which is a city of great significance for Korean history. Here lectures will be given on Christian mission history and the role of churches in the process of democratization of Korea. The trip will include visits to the national monument of the Gwangju Movement for Democracy as well as to the commemoration site of Christian martyrs and the graves of Christian missionaries close to Honam Theological University. The programme may also include a visit to a traditional Korean village setting.

What will be required of you?

  • A presentation about your church background and a major ecumenical issue related to a WCC Assembly theme;
  • A presentation on a text from the GETI workbook;
  • A major paper on one aspect of the ecumenical movement experienced during the assembly to be submitted no later than mid-February 2014;
  • One comprehensive report and presentation on the GETI and the assembly experience to be given to your theological seminary, local churches or ecumenical youth organization.

At the end of the course you will receive a certificate which includes credits for all course elements attended and academic assignments carried out.

What will it cost?
As part of WCRC’s support of the ecumenical movement and leadership formation, WCRC will fully sponsor successful candidates to attend the GETI programme.

Selection process
WCRC will choose the five best applications to be forwarded to the GETI selection committee.

Complete the application form and return to Aiko Sumichan (

Application deadline: 28 November, 2012

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