Mission and the Priesthood of Christ

On Friday night, I had the privilege and joy of addressing the elders of the Southern Presbytery at their AGM in Invercargill. The topic that I was asked to speak about was mission and the priesthood of Christ. (Two other speakers would reflect on the other two classic offices – prophet and king.) A number of people have asked me for a copy of my talk. Here it is:


  1. Jesus of course was never ever in any sense a Christian. He was an outsider, a radical Spiritual Teacher/Master who taught and demonstrated his radical universal, non-Christian, non-sectarian Spirit-Breathing Spiritual Way, on the margins of the tradition of Judaism as it was in his time and place.

    Nor did he create any of the religion about him, ALL of which was created by others after his brutal murder. And mostly long after by people who never ever met him up close and personal in a living-breathing-feeling human form.
    He certainly could not have created any of the “death-and-resurrection” dogma that became the center-pole of the Christian belief system – haven’t you noticed that corpses are incapable of creating anything.


  2. with the deluge of the American eschatological paranoia/literalism of stuff like the “Left Behind” series – the monolithic megachurches, the “gospel relevance” of such as Mr. Stringfellow’s vision should not remain in the brains of the theologians and marginal christianish resisters only – we need a Bishop Pike on 60 minutes or something –

    i named my 2nd son with the middle name “kolbe”


  3. Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the “HIGH PRIEST” and He is seated on the left hand of His Fathers’ throne, And He’s going to judge the Nations…whether we like it or not the day is coming soon.

    Those who pierced Him, will see Him


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