Cormac McCarthy’s ‘Reverend’ on the grace of God

‘They’s been more than one feller brought to the love of Jesus over the paths of affliction. And what better way than blind? In a world darksome as this’n I believe a blind man ort to be better sighted than most. I believe it’s got a good deal to recommend it. The grace of God don’t rest easy on a man. It can blind him easy as not. It can bend him and make him crooked. And who did Jesus love, friends? The lame the halt and the blind, that’s who. Them is the ones scarred with God’s mercy. Stricken with his love. Ever legless fool and old blind mess like you is a flower in the garden of God. Amen’. – Cormac McCarthy, Outer Dark (New York: Random, 1968), 226.


  1. For my money the tale of the ex-priest and the heretic in Cormac McCarthy’s The Crossing could hold its own among the likes of Dostoyevsky and Melville.


  2. My eldest daughter gives me books for Christmas, always.
    So Cormac McCarthy’s ‘The Road’ has been sitting on my bookshelf since Christmas 2010. I’m engrossed at the moment with another book, but ‘The Road’ is on the list!

    btw, twitter comment about cricket. India just got lucky, that’s all – Aussies rule ok.


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