Sunday school attendance well below par

‘At a conference of Presbyterian Sunday school workers, held in First Church Hall yesterday morning, the Rev. J. McCaw, of Lower Hutt, brought forward the following motion: – “That this conference of Sunday school superintendents and workers calls attention to the fact that, owing to increasing desecration of the Sabbath, the work of the Sunday school teacher is being increasingly hampered. In view of the importance of this work in the development of national character, the conference appeals to golf and other clubs to refrain from employing boys in occupations on Sunday that interfere with attendance at church and Sunday school.”

The mover said he had previously complained of golfers in his district waylaying the children on their way to Sunday school and seeking to entice them to the golf links. The evil was very widespread. Mr W. A. Patterson, of Khandalla, seconded the motion, which was carried unanimously’.

– Otago Daily Times, 9 November, 1911.

One comment

  1. I know what I’ll do. I am acquainted with the President of our local golf club (a charming fellow, of upright moral character, and of a most gentleman-like disposition). I will entreat him to cease this shocking practice immediately. He will listen most carefully, I’m very confident of that. :)


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