September stations …


Some re-reads (because some books provoke many visits)




  1. Liked the video, thanks.
    I’ve been listening to Pete Murray (BlueSkyBlue) and k d lang (Sing it Loud) this month.


  2. Mike Leigh’s..”Another Year” is a film I will see soon (seen all his others).
    He is the only director I know that ‘shoots’ whithout a script. He works the story and the actors ‘ad-lib’ their own lines…interesting. This is what makes his films seem a bit odd and can feel stilted.

    With TV…a brilliant series is “Breaking Bad”


  3. Can’t get “Gloomy Sunday” through my Video rental. But if it’s spoken in Hungarian (the most gutteral and ugly language) it’s a bit of a hurdle to climb….but the Hungarians make delicious picked gerkins.


  4. Thuss is goot…Yah!
    Boodapesht is nice and Jerman speak is serious.

    “different strokes for different folks”
    I rate the French, German and Scandinavian ( not the Fins..of course) as wonderful story-tellers.
    Ingmar Bergman’s filmwork is brilliant.
    Steig Larsson’s trilogy is a good fiction read.


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