A new layout

Regular readers of Per Crucem ad Lucem may have noticed that of late I’ve been playing around a little with the template and layout of this blog. Seemed like a good idea at the time (i.e., I felt it needed a sprucing up), and it offered me a nice break from writing lectures (and blog posts for that matter). Anyway, any thoughts you may have about the new layout will be gratefully received.

6 thoughts on “A new layout

  1. Preferred the old one actually, especially spruced up with the McCahon banner.

    I know these minimalist themes have become de riguer, but now your blog no longer looks like your blog.

    Also, text floating in a sea of white space is not particularly kind to content, almost clinical to my eye, and the title has split itself over two lines which is rather inelegant.

    However, the new format of ‘older’ posts is an improvement I think, and is an aid to navigation. Could not the older layout and colours implement this feature and perhaps be simplified a little in the sidebar?

    Oh, and did I mention I liked the McCahon theme?


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