‘My Novices: late 1950s’, by Brother Paul Quenon

Young men came
looking for
–don’t know what–
Left the place
looking for
–don’t know what–
Of these I had no regrets.

Some came, seemed like
heard some talk about
stayed awhile
and left
talking like– Well,–
like somewhat.

Serious young men came looking.
took up talk about,
–don’t know what,
stayed long and left
about everything what-not.

Some came completely
clear and sure about
Those I sent away.

Silent young men, a few,
came looking for–
don’t know what–
and kept on looking
stayed and never got to
wore out,
had never stopped looking for
For these I have no regrets.

All of these I loved, but
seems the part I loved the best
don’t know what–

[HT: PBS Religion & Ethics]


  1. From Frank Brennan, Australian Jesuit priest and social justice advocate:
    On being a priest – I wouldn’t be a priest if I was 21 today. I am one of the last generations of Irish Catholics whose families made it professionally and were comfortable with the church. I love being a Jesuit but I can’t honestly say I would join now.


  2. He doesn’t. Although he does mention having fallen in love three times, the first time at Uni before becoming a priest. As well, he said he doesn’t believe in miracles!


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