On axing libraries

Recently, I posted on the Dunedin City Council’s move to axe library services, a phenomenon clearly not limited to the imbeciles who reside in the same neck of the woods that I inhabit. Well it seems that the DNA of city councils, managed as they all-too-often are by tunnel-visioned accountants [NB. This could serve equally as a decription of many other ‘public-service’ institutions] is as balmy, fatuous, asinine, squirrelly and moronic in other parts. The friends of Somerset’s, Glastonbury’s and Shepton Mallet’s libraries recently produced this clip to aid their compaign against library closures. I thought it was brilliant … and worth sharing.

One comment

  1. I have the best job – I work in a library!
    My local library at Milton is only open 2 days per week (and then only for part of the day) but is much-loved and used. If any itsy-bitsy little bureaucrat tried to close our library my blood would need to be removed from the footpath outside first.


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