Blogging Presbyterian Ministers

I guess that it is encouraging to see blogging catching on among Presbyterian ministers (and their partners) here in Aotearoa New Zealand. Here’s a list (repeated in the sidebar) of those that I know of:

Am I missing anyone?

And while I’m in ‘give ’em a plug’ mode, there’s a few other Pressie-tribe sites that are worth noting:





  1. Robert, the PCANZ recognises four strands of ministry of word and sacrament:

    a) National Ordained Ministry (NOM) – nationally recognised through national assessment and training and confirmed through a call to a particular ministry charge.
    b) Local Ordained Ministry (LOM) – recognised through a careful process of discernment at congregation and presbytery level and confirmed through ordination and induction.
    c) Local Ministry Team (LMT) – A team of people inducted to fulfil the tasks of ministry, recognised through a careful process of discernment at congregation and presbytery level and confirmed though presbytery commissioning as a team ministry. Within such a team individuals may be recognised by presbytery for training and ordination to a ministry of word and sacrament. These people would not be commissioned apart from a team.
    d) Amorangi ministry – self-supporting ministry in Te Aka Puaho.

    As for ‘norms’, the majority of ministers serving in the PCANZ do so as NOMs.


  2. Jason,

    Interesting.. The classic Anglican Churches are liturgical, so we have little wiggle room, at least in traditional Anglican worship. It is also interesting that liturgical worship seems to draw certain Christians, both East & West. Of course the cantor has been important and part of this.


  3. The moderator’s blog is set up oddly too – the RSS feed in it links to main PCANZ newsfeed, plus it’s hidden away. Needs to move to the front of the web site, have a real RSS feed and be updated regularly (and comments responded too). Still, a step in the right direction?

    There’s also this blog:


  4. The Mod’s Blog is quite useful. he has just visited and preached with us and wrote about it on his blog too. We can now put a direct link to his blog in our parish newsletter so that we can see what he thought of us – all good I hope.


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