Bruce McCormack Lectures

January 2011 will witness Professor Bruce McCormack give the Croall Lectures (in the Martin Hall at New College) on the theme ‘Abandoned by God: The Death of Christ in Systematic, Historical, and Exegetical Perspective’. The titles are:

  • 17th January – Penal Substitution: Its Problems and Its Promise
  • 18th January – The Cry of Dereliction: The Strange Fate of Jesus in the New Testament
  • 20th January – The Incarnation as Saving Event: Theories Which Order the Work of Christ to a Metaphysical Conception of His Person
  • 24th January – Let Justice and Peace Reign: Theories Which Fail to Integrate the Person and Work of Christ
  • 25th January – After Metaphysics: Theories Which Order the Person of Christ to His Work
  • 27th January – The Lord of Glory was Crucified: Reformed Kenoticism and Death in God.

And later in the year (September 27 – October 4, 2011), Professor McCormack will also be giving the Kantzer Lectures on the theme ‘The God Who Graciously Elects: Six Lectures on the Doctrine of Election’.

Any who have been so priviledged to have heard Bruce lecture before can anticipate a real feast.


  1. How can a poor boy living in Oban attend these lectures? Is there cheap boarding? I might just have to bring a tent and hope for the best…that’s how much I would like to go!


  2. Jason K – The cheapest place I’m aware of close to New College is Castle Rock Hostel, which is about 2 min walk away and costs £12-15 per night.

    I would offer you space at our place but we already have guests with us for most of January, sorry.


  3. Ah. The ol’ Castle Rock Hostel. I stayed there back in ’99. Many an hour, and many a pint, and many a jig, at Finnegan’s Wake helped me get to sleep at the Castle Rock Hostel too. I found that dancing in this wee city drinking hole where you knew no one (or thought you didn’t) birthed a wonderful freedom, and some interesting moves, on the dance floor. Something to keep in mind as you unwind from Bruce’s lectures.


  4. Sounds great, our friend Darren had shared this too (although not the detail, as I recall); thanks, Jason.

    I too wonder if this will be recorded and made available, does anyone know (Jason)?


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