Jim Wallis on Faith, Ethics and Public Life

A guest post by Andrew Bradstock.

With his rare ability to challenge people to think afresh about the issues of the day, and consider how religious faith can transform hope-less situations into hope-ful ones, Jim Wallis is always worth hearing.

But with so many news items at present involving ‘faith’ in different ways – from the threats to burn the Koran and proposal for a Muslim community centre near Ground Zero in the US, to the Pope’s visit to the UK, to the debates here and elsewhere about what it means to be ‘secular’, to the ongoing conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel/Palestine – this is a particularly apposite time to get the insider’s perspective that a global commentator and White House adviser like Wallis is able to give.

There is a rare opportunity to hear Jim Wallis in person in Dunedin next week, and I hope you are planning to seize it!

Next Tuesday, 28 September, from 2.00 – 6.00 pm at First Church in Moray Place, Wallis will speak at a Conference on Faith, Ethics and Public Life. The main event of the afternoon will be the Howard Paterson Memorial Lecture in Public Theology, to be introduced by the Vice Chancellor, Prof David Skegg, and delivered by Jim Wallis at 4.30 pm, and also included in the programme are a ‘public conversation’ with Mr Wallis and the launch of his new book, Rediscovering Values.

Full information about the programme is available here, where you can also book your ticket (tickets are just $20 ($15 concession) including refreshments). Admission to just the Memorial Lecture at 4.30 pm is of course, as with all University open lectures, free, though in the event of the venue being full priority will be given to full ticket-holders.

As anticipated, this being Jim Wallis’s only South Island event tickets are going quickly, so do make sure you get yours now to avoid disappointment.  I look forward to seeing you!

Andrew Bradstock

Howard Paterson Professor of Theology and Public Issues
Department of Theology and Religion
University of Otago
PO Box 56 Dunedin 9054

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